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Hey everyone,

It’s been a bit of time since the last update. Here’s whats going on around the guild:

  • The guild has obtained a dedicated seller (ign is TeaParty). TeaParty has a Seller and Backpack Expansion, plus ExpressDelivery (can get you any item on her to your gwh). TeaParty will be a dedicated client shared among the officers to keep sales running all time while you can play, so let us know if you want to sell anything.
  • The gwh now has a influx of gold, matts, cards, lucky coins, etc from the dungeon teams that Lennon has been running around. We already started using the guild funds to obtain weaponry for the guild. More on this on a separate post.
  • SaphireSkies will be now our official Card Designer. We also got pretty much all craft classes covered, the most important and used on gear wise, the blacksmith, on an alt character to stay available to everyone most of the time.
  • We are looking for designers for the website given our former retired. Please let me know if you know anyone else =)

Thats all ~

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