Guild Story

The Tea Party started out of my (and others) newbie boredom and my previous frustration over the quote ” I am doing KRE and Dailes” past lvl 50 on LH before, and was formally created at 05/11/2014. I sent a random invitation to this crazy hoe named Mamaterasu and she joined me in a team of 3. Zero rage quited right away (huehuehue) and the 3 of us moved on the huehuehue madness. Yeh the pink heart and my queen crown adds all the magic I need to this screenshot, I know. You can call me your highness if you want, minion.




Seeing the team invitation got me two friends just out of nowhere, on the following days we just kept adding people for talking who we saw around that were bored, and so the team started to grow slowly.. it was fun since the chat then wouldn`t stop moving forward, there always someone new and the same people would stop by to hang around with us again.




Oh yeah, we are all crazy here, and we always have fun. There was a tea party in Alice in Wonderland too. Guess how much mad you can get there.




Most of us are new to the game when we started the teams. Others who we`re not, like myself, were more of looking for doing stuff together. Yes, that’s a low level dungeon, yes we finished a dungeon quest. Yes, it was fun. So yup you may see us doing something silly around just for the sake of the luls.



The turning point of the tea party turning from a simple party after 2 or 3 days to a guild happened when we ran out of team slots. Alixa entered the game but…well team was full!




So by everyone`s consent we decided on creating the Tea Party that day and see where this would all end up. That’s why the party name, it started as one and will always be one. We don`t zone chat for people, we seek no interest in ‘growing as a guild’. We add people around as they seem bored running around or if we see someone looking for one. There is no direct way of being invited other than if one person inside knows you, or we hang around for a few with you as a small team (tea cup) to see if we are both really looking for the same thing.

Even now we like hanging around in teams always. It is more of a team without a 7 maximum people limit in the end of the day 🙂




Nowadays we even attack people from other guild around or do some crazy random stuff, most of all we do whatever we find fun  ~




The story continues and can be found now on the posts made by everyone at the homee page ~

Website Story

The website originally started on a total different theme when the guild was starting.


After the guild started getting more involved the website changed to something different to fit the mood of what it felt like to log in to see the people around.




Some complained the theme lacked colors, or that the color when the mouse cursor was over a link didn’t match the guild emblem..



We then based on our guild icon we saw other theme from WordPress which the colors seems to go well along with the guild icon, Monaco.


After a bit of experimentation on having the Salmon and Cyan colors either appearing permanently..



Or only when moving the cursor over it, as well as their location on the page..



After a bit more of experimentation.. we arrived at our final color theme based of Monaco. Still some complained the background was too white. We then tried to experiment with few backgrounds ~


But most had shapes or objects and were distracting. By this time, our designer, Mayuki, was joining the guild and westarted experimenting blurring the wallpaper, removing objects, etc.


The final version ideally would try to blend with the original white of the website while adding a bit more color to the white that covered all the background.


After it was done, we tried positioning the blurry salmon over different parts of the website to see which seem less intrusive..



Which finally led to the current version of the page. Since then, the website has gained a lot of posts, a theme song (top right menu) played by one of our leaders on piano, polls, galerry, videos, and so goes on  and its story continues menu home of the website ~