Lucent Heart allows players to buy on Item Mall items to create their own songs. To listen to their song you need to download them and put on the appropriate folder:

SubaGames\Lucent Heart\data\music folder\dancemusic

Important: After you download the song and put on the appropriate folder, make sure the song file name is the same as displayed on this page. Sometimes WordPress will rename the file. If the file name is not the same as the one of the maestro, you WILL NOT listen anything even if the file is on the proper place! 



  Crossing Field – Lisa

Im In Heaven When You Kiss Me-This Ugly Yet Beautiful World

Infected Mushroom – The Pretender

Miku Hatsune – Secret Police.mp3


Evanescence – Going Under (Video)

AMV – Feel the Mambo

 Christina Aguilera featuring Redman – Dirrty

Ride Or DIE – Air Gear AMV

Nayuta – hope Vocal ver. [ English translation]

MKTO – Classic

Linkin Park – Numb

Auburn – Perfect Two

 3. Supercell – Hero


Bad Apple



Fairy Tail – Kimi ga Kureta Mono w_ eng sub

 Jennifer Lopez – First Love (Lyric Video)

 Maji Love 1000% girl version

 Justin Timberlake – "Not a Bad Thing" (Lyrics)

B1A4 – O.K [Han & Eng]


Caramell – Caramelldansen (English version)

Caramella Girls – Boogie Bam Dance (Official Full English Version)

Fifth Harmony – Miss Movin’ On

Happy Synthesizer -96Neko & Len Kagamine (with Lyrics)


A Town With An Ocean View – Music Box [Kiki’s Delivery Service]

Abracadabra [Brown Eyed Girls]

Ai Kotoba [Deco-27]

Hair Short [WINGS]

Gee [Girl’s Generation]

Enchanted [Taylor Swift]

Don’t Say You Love Me

I My Me [Paru]

Otsukimi Recital [Yui Konnu]

Idol Syndrome [Mafumafu & Amatsuki]

Let It Go – Frozen [Demi Lovato]

Marry You [Glee]

Mirror, Mirror [RWBY]

Only Love [Ben Howard]

I Burn [RWBY]


Red like Roses

Real Emotion [Koda Kumi – FFX-2]

Run Devil Run

Sparks Fly [Taylor Swift]

Summertime Sadness Remix [Lana Del Rey f.Cedric Gervais]

Senbonzakura [Wagakki Band]

Shanghai Romance [Orange Caramel]


Shot Me Down [David Guetta ft. Skylar Grey]

Sleepless Beauty

Yayo [Lana Del Rey]

Ariana Grande – Problem (Lyric Video) ft. Iggy Azalea