Lucent Hearts is known for its endless list of guilds, both deep and shallow coming in all flavors. Usually you will hear the same blablabla that the guild is active, has X members, is level X and do KM, Dungeons etc ~ We thought we would sell our fish in a slight different manner with some image, teas and cookies.

So what is it in there to be a tea cup? ~


Guild Sales



TeaParty, our broker, is in charge of the guild sales. She is usually making a lot of gold to the guild by selling our raids treasure and is our main source of guild gold. If you want to sell something look for her and she will stall it for you for a 10% tax over the price if the item sells or let you know a good price for free so you can stall! Tea has an Item, Sales and Express expansion to do all the serious business ~

We also have a members-only section tracking all the stuff that has been sold or not and for how much for whoever has itens on TeaParty.


 Guild Express


Thanks to TeaParty express, if you have given her anything to sell, look forward receiving a in game mail with gold from the sales at any time! Usually the gold is shipped by the end of the day when new itens and price updates are made ~ You may also expect to receive your item back by mail on your warehouse express section in case she does not manage to sell the item out free of charge!

Skype Room


This guild is known for a lot of diversity and the guild chat couldn’t be left out of it. Currently the guild has both a social side and hardcore side. If you’re a guild member or a guest make sure to ask Lennon or other guild member to join ~


 Dance, Dance!


We couldn’t possible imagine a TeaParty in a dance game without some dance parties right? We host them every now and then when the grinding boredom hits for some chilling ~

Make sure to check our Vimeo Channel all in HD for videos from stuff we do and which can be located by the top right of the page website!

Screenshot 2014-06-25 08.45.05

Dungeon Raids and Bosses!

As with most other guild, this guild also does dungeons!

If you’re an old fox on LH and may perhaps be tired of only Core Dungeons, make sure to join us on Ares, Snow Forest, Underworld, Coast of Siren and other quest dungeons which have been unlocked in our guild ~

The guild also has both drop accessories for drying out any boss it comes across our face!


Every 3m made by our broker TeaParty and kept on our guildwarehouse will result in a raffle for prizes to all guild members who collaborate towards the guild (see more on the Raffle menu on the top of the website).


Prizes include pretty much anything around this gold range such as Pures, SCF, Outfit Pieces, Gachas, etc ~

Guild Crafters

Think you will need some gear soon? Rejoice! The guild got all crafters you may need ~

We’ve been looking for having the best schematics and recipes for gear, potions and cards around to craft for you so you feel like the hotest cookie around the town!

And of course, we will let you know what you need based on your playstyle!


House Invasion and House Parties

We also do house invasions and house parties. We are currently working on a guild house for our broker TeaParty and are welcoming suggestions for how the house can look fun!

Asking Receiving Advice and Guides

Lucent Hearts is known to penalize players who do not ask the right questions at the right time, given some gear may only be obtained when you’re on a certain level range such as Cupid Dungeons and Essence Farming. It also lacks considerable on documentation on its english wiki in comparison to its sibling J-Wiki which is a nightmare to navigate!

If you’re looking for a guild that will give you advice rather than hope for your own luck to make the right questions, you’re on the right place!

Screenshot 2014-06-25 09.31.48

From time to time we create guides over F.A.Q. but some may wind up locked inside on members only while being crafted!

See the Guide menu on the top for more!



Like any other guild, we do KM and blah! Answers are mostly always given by Enjyu, every KM or by other guild members who participate on it!

And the list goes on..!

The master of this guild welcomes and likes to try and discuss a lot of ideas and there is a lot more buried deep in this website as on going work than you can see or imagine ~

Screenshot 2014-06-25 08.44.31

If you think you’ve seen more than expected and trying new stuff that no one else seems interested, make sure to poke Lennon or one of the other members to hear more about it or just to enjoy a cup o’ tea by being our guest!


 Thanks for visiting us! ~