[Warning] This is a long textwall page told as a story. Not for the weak.

This page is a thank you note for all those who I had the pleasure to meet and contributed considerably to the guild in their own unique way.

I met each of them over different moments of the guild and I am confident that Tea Party would have not been so many in a single guild if it wasn’t for each of them.

Some are still here, some vanished from day to night without trace and I can’t reach anymore for various reasons, but if you ever get a chance to see them around or you are listed here, thanks for leaving a mark on Tea Party.

The names that appear here are not in order of contribution.

[Yasmin] was and still feel like “Akatsuki”, some joke around whanever she talks given how quiet she is. Whanever I need an extra blade to whanever I need to shoot something down she is always around to try anything. I am yet to see her say a no ever since we created the guild 🙂

[Kyne] has been an hercules on guild quests, and moved pretty much alone the guild from lvl 1 to lvl 4 by farming them every day, which then in a team we made it up to lvl 5. He has been around over many other things, and even wrote his on tutorial for the page on guild quests. His mood always reminds me of [Mamaterasu].

[Alixa] and [Mamaterasu] were the team I asked to join and where the Debauchery Tea Party was born. Mama and I used to havoc all sort of madness on team chat on the old days and would keep me from going nuts on the drama that plagues Lucent Hearts. Ali up till today smooth my mind over piano sessions ~

[Noah] and [Esco] were the ones always double checking my crazy plans to dominate the world in Lucent Hearts. Many fiascos have been prevented due to them asking over the very small details, and given funds and risk of guild death is high to any new guild in Lucent Hearts, they avoided iminient death of Tea. [Noah] also has helped and still helps me on adding new things to the website to support my ideas.

[Karina] and [SeeU] were part of the most social days of the guild and when the server had a large amount of new players joining everyday. We would spend hours chilling on Thereall talking, dancing or doing anything lazy around. They’re both gone, and I hope I get a chance to see them again. [Karina] was always bored looking for someone to help, specially the new players, and [SeeU] was always warming the mood around. [SeeU] also helped me considerable over one experimental idea, the {Team System} where we would always stay in Teams to avoid isolation when the guild was still new.

[Lucaille] was our KM Queen, which now is being taken care by our KM King [Enjyu]. Both of them always made sure to get the right answers for the KM time. [Lucaille] and [Noah] even created an table with some of the questions and answers to the guild.

[Morrigan] was our dance queen and motivated the whole concept of {Tea Attack} and {Tea Maestro}. The songs page started out of her amazing collection of custom songs in game, which we used to play to feature other players.

[PrincessAsa] started the whole channeling of crafting recipes to the guild, which started the {Guild Crafters} of the guild as shared in alts among us. She was a major sponsor of the guild when we couldn’t hit the gold away from 0 and we were still too weak to do anything worth any gold.

[Mayuki] helped me considerably on the website look and feel. You can see all the effort she put into over our discussions on design at the “Story” page which has a story section also of how the website evolved. She created the avatars and turned official our {Guest System} (see the guests page) where we had other people joining our teams to talk or do things together. Mayuki is now gone, but her contribution lives on the guild.

I met [Ace] and [Valerie] on the same day and the first thing they said was “I want to talk”. This was where the whole Tea Party skype group started, which ended up turning as a way for other people outside guild to also get to know us. In a sense, they evolved the now extinct {Team System} we used to have.

[Mr_Doge] used to run a card selling business which I thought to be long extinct but ended up as the guild major and stable income. We are now pretty much a reference point for potions and cards and that is all thanks to his original idea and feeling for the market in LH. He has also participated considerable on Dungeon runs and provided a lot of feedback with [Cristiano] on the {Tea Merit System}, which we have running to track contributions and guild treasure distribution.

[SaphireSkies] is the second vice-master of the guild and as the role implies has been the one who heard and went over all the ideas and contributions every person in this page brought to me and became part of the guild. Nowadays she is mostly busy on real life but still saves a part of the day to check on how things are going.

[Soren] and [Eve] were met just like when I met [Mamaterasu] and [Alixa], on a team of 3. [Soren] like me and [SaphireSkies] feel like a jack of all trades and is always overseeing the big picture. [Eve] took forth the social hub role and evolved it, which now stands together with [Ace] and [Valerie].

[Ai] was the first I met who could navigate the japanese wiki of Lucent Hearts. Thanks to her I winded up motivated on finding my way around, and which resulted on the guild now being able to appraise pretty much any item we come accross on Lucent Hearts which are usually deemed by many guilds as misterious.

And this list still have people I am expecting to be part of the many faces this guild has, and will have. I hope that, if you read to this point it is clear this is by no means a one-man guild. As for many times, I found myself calling this guild a project, the Tea Party project of all the trial and error we’ve come to see and enjoy over everyone.

Thanks to all of you who made the Tea Party what it is today.

— Lennon