I want to help!
Can the guild help me?

Yes =3=

How do I help? have to earn “tickets”!


Do a few dungeon runs, fight some bosses, donate materials, cookies or ask if we need a recipe for our crafters.. you earn tickets for that!

Ok..then what?

You can trade Tickets with Lennon for armor, weapon, or other stuff. You can also participate on a raffle to win bigger prizes like Gachas, SCFs, Ouutfits, etc!

Do I need to earn tickets to stay in the guild..?

Nope! You will find out that this guild is known for its diversity, and of course its up to you help or not ^^

Ok.. and what if I am in to grow together with the guild?

Well…then keep reading ~ By the time you’re done you will be in for the best this guild may offer you ^^


  • The guild will raffle prizes every time it hits 3m gold on guild warehouse.
  • If you’re interested on gear < lvl 50 whisper Lennon so he can properly adjust what you can trade him for what you need.

 Ticket Owners


1st. Raffle

  • [AiShindou]: 1 Ticket (Material Ticket)
  • [Mr_Doge]: 12 Ticket (2dung run, 10 tyrant runs)
  • [Lennon]: 16 Tickets (6 dung run, 10 tyrant runs)
  • [Valerie]: 3 Tickets (1 Work Charm, 1 Enrich Potion, 5 Batts)
  • [Cristiano]: 10 Tickets (2h Overtaken Recipe, 7 Tyrant Run)
  • [Escovant]: 1 Ticket (1 Batts)
  • [SaphireSkies]: 4 Tickets (2 Tyrant Runs, 3 Dungeon Run)
  • [Kyne] 15 Ticket (3 Tyrant Runs, 10 Cupid Dungeon, 5 Lucky Coins – 5 Cert Armor, 1 Scheme Leg of Decisiveness, 1 Lucky Coin)
  • [Bread] 7 Ticket (7 Tyrant Runs)
  • [Enjyu]  10 Ticket (1 Batts, 2 Work Charm, 2 Enhich Potion, 5 KM)
  • [Xeleana]: 2 Tickets  (2 Tyrant Run)
  • [Astoria]: 3 Ticket (2 Tyrant Run – 1 Tyrant Blazing Hat + 2 Dungeon Run)
  • [PrincessAsa]: 1 Ticket (1 Tyrant Run)
  • [Noah]: 10 Ticket (10 Website Maintenance)

2nd. Raffle

  • [AiShindou]: 1 Ticket (Material Ticket)
  • [Kyne]: 4 Tickets (4 Cupid Dungeon, 1 Lucky Coin + 14 Large Batteries)

3rd. Raffle

  • [AiShindou]: 1 Ticket (Material Ticket)

4th. Raffle

  • [AiShindou]: 1 Ticket (Material Ticket)


– Raffle occurs each time guild accumulates 10m gold on guild warehouse.
– Out of each 3m gold raffle, 600k will be kept for the guild for investments (See below what are the list of expected investments for the guild).

  • 2 Gachas
  • Outfit Pieces (Chosen Pieces needs together around 2m400k)
  • 2 Craft Gloves
  • 2 Craft Fire
  • 1 Exceptional Craft Fire
  • Stacks of Pure (Ares/Gaia/Hera) Crystals (Combination must be around 2m400k on guild chosen prices for each based on current price on market)
  • Anything combination of the above or anything else summing at most around 2m400k

 How To Get Tickets

The following will award you 1 ticket for the raffle (all kind of tickets weight the same on the raffle) upon trading Lennon.
Check the guild warehouse to see what each item looks like!

Ticket Type and Restrictions (Feel free to buy materials from NPC if you want):

  • [Material Ticket]: Only 1 per Raffle
  • [Craft Ticket]: Only 1 per Raffle
  • [Pet Ticket]: Only 1 per Raffle
  • All non-tagged on the lists are unlimited (subject to change on next raffle).


  1. Participate in a dungeon run hosted by Lennon (Lvl 45+)
  2. Host a Lvl 45+ Dungeon with Drop Accessories  (Needs to Send System Screenshot for fairness)
  3. [Pet Ticket] 15 Butter Cookies
  4. [Material Ticket] 60 Water Essence and 200 Magical Crystal
  5. [Material Ticket] 80 Wind Essence and 140 Magical Crystal
  6. [Material Ticket] 280 Magic Pellet and 80 Water Crystal Rod
  7. [Material Ticket] 20 Earth Scar and 120 Magical Crystal Rod 
  8. [Material Ticket] 100 Zodiac Crystal Rod  and a total of 20 of any combination on Tidal Water, Roaring Blaze, Eye of the Storm, Earth Scar
  9. [Material Ticket] 240 Magic Crystal
  10. [Material Ticket] 480 Magic Pellet
  11. [Material Ticket] 960 Concentrated Magic Powder
  12. [Material Ticket] 1920 Magic Powder
  13. [Material Ticket] 5760 Magic Herb
  14. [Material Ticket] 100 Water, Fire, Wind, Earth Essences
  15. [Material Ticket] 180 Water, Fire, Wind, Earth Crystal Rod
  16. [Material Ticket] 540 Water Fire, Wind, Earth Crystal
  17. [Material Ticket] 1620 Water, Fire, Wind, Earth Spirit Powder
  18. [Material Ticket] 4860 (Water,Fire,Wind,Earth) Spirit (Flower,Shrom,Leaf,Herb)
  19. [Material Ticket] 200 Zodiac Crystal
  20. [Material Ticket] 400 Zodiac Pellet
  21. [Material Ticket] 800 Concentrated Zodiac Powder
  22. [Material Ticket] 1600 Zodiac Powder
  23. [Material Ticket] 4800 Zodiac Stone
  24. 5 Rechargeable Battery
  25. 1 Enrich Potion
  26. [Craft Ticket] 1 Work Bless Charm
  27. Lvl 50+ Schematic Guild Crafter Needs (Ask Lennon for Alchemist/Card Designer, PrincessAsa for Blacksmith/Tailor, Soren for Jewel)
  28. 70 Happiness Card and 70 Nice Person Card


Where to Obtain:

  • [1,2] Ask Lennon or form a team and invite him!
  • [3] Can obtain 15 from Butter Cookies Bag by Curiosity Dealer every day by trading Coupons (Dailes 25+ reward one of them upon completion for a total of 5).
  • [4 to 23] Can be obtained by killing mobs and are usually not worth selling to the NPC. High amounts can be obtained by Dungeon Bosses, which are usually thrown away.
  • [24,25,26] 3 Enhiched, 5 Batts can be obtained by game gifts by the time character hits level 36 when creating a new character.
  • [27] Can be usually obtained by Lucky Boxes (e.g. Zeus, Suadela, etc) when Wealth Stars are 3 or more on Fortune, Mobs, and Wishing Dolls (Praying to other players)
  • [28] Can be obtained by praying.





Investments will be strikethrough when they’ve been accomplished. Current Balance: 0g (Waiting on the first raffle)

  • Item Mall Megaphone (120 charges)
  • Guild warehouse expansion for TeaParty (guild character)
  • Dance Cards on TeaParty (guild character) for dance events (see or http:://
  • Outfit for TeaParty (guild character)
  • Paying back investors (hopefully one day!) on guild (Zevran – 3m, PrincessAsa – Drop Earrings, 13m, Item Expansion, Express Expansion, Sales Expansion, Craft Reset for Card Designer)