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Guild Crafters

The guild now has official crafters, so feel free to look for them in case you need something crafted. We’ve been on the look for important gear recipes, materials and etc from other players. Those we can’t find around have been or are being farmed. The official crafters are:

  • Lennon: Alchemist
  • SaphireSkies: Card Designer
  • PrincessAsa: Tailor
  • Asa: Blacksmith
  • Honest: Jeweler

As you can tell, we are still missing a dedicated machine, but given most machine skills are constrained by the crafting class we are not too worried about that at this point.

If you want to contribute to the guild, please ask Lennon or any of the others if any recipe you want to donate is needed. By having them donated you will be making the crafting of the recipe you donated available to the guild, rather than only for yourself if you learned it for most of the time given most officers share account among themselves.


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