Suggested Gear LVL 35 – 59

  • This is an undergoing work section. Most of the suggested itens are gathered feedback and it is up to you follow this or not. Please let us know if you have a better advice!
  • This is a “hardcore” section, you can play all game without caring much about Jewel up to lvl 60+. Most people won’t care about that if you are used to click “View Player” to see others gear or won’t even know some of these exist, so you may as well skip if you want. Weapow and Armor may be demanded on teams and dungeons.
  • Some itens in this section for each class are redundant. This is because you can obtain them by different means. For instance, you can easily get one jewel that is “Great” but the “Best” one will require to spend a few days farming on Cupid Dungeon.
  • You may find that it is unworth (like most players do) to farm 35 – 59 Jewel if you are level rushing. On the other hand, some jewel is still better even past 59+. You will have to figure out which are those on your own if you want to skip some.
  • Orange Jewel is usually from bosses that will require a full team and a lot of organization to be farmed, Drop Earrings, Etc Etc and they are better. There is no guarantee you will find them to buy from players or the guild will be farming them, so if you would rather be safe than sorry farm the purples and hope that one day you will get the oranges!
  • Cupid Dungeon Jewel may only be farmed during a certain level range. Past this level you will not be able to farm, meaning you will need to create another lower level to farm them. You should start worrying about this section by level 35, which is when the first cupid dungeon unlock (therefore the level 35 range). Usually by 7 levels difference from 35, 40 and 45 it will start to get hard to farm them (Ask someone in guild about Cupid Dungeons if you don’t know about them).

Solar Guardian / Celestial Templar 

  • There is some debate regarding which set is more appropriate for a Solar Guardian given they can also tank bosses, therefore Crit Suggestion and Def suggestion works for them (?). Recommend to go crit set.
  • Celestial Templar should go for defense sets rather than crit sets.

war_envoy Core Dungeon Boss Drop (???) big shadow warg look.

traitor_earring Tyrant Boss Drop (Weaker Alternative of Brutal Earring for those who do not want to farm).

the_cutter Can be obtained for 11k500 points of Knowledge Master from a Curiosity Dealer on any Town.

(There is also a +3% Crit Hit chance and +5% Reduce Physical Crit Hit Chance not shown on the image)

fish_scale_necklace Red Gemstone – Cupid Dungeon (Weaker Variation for The Cutter that can be farmed)

demeters_ring_of_earth Quicksand Sword Dungeon

Mycenae_Guardian_Earring Lovers Emerald – Cupid Dungeon (Notice it lacks the +1.0% Block Rate from Demeter’s Ring of Fertility while have +1% on all Reduce Crit Modifiers)

brutal_earring Red Gemstone – Cupid Dungeon

juliet_ring Topaz – Cupid Dungeon (Notice this is a Gender Lock Item (Only Female can wear)

romeo_ring Topaz – Cupid Dungeon (Notice this is a Gender Lock Item (Only Male can wear)



Dawn Prophet 

  • 2 out of 3 of DPs attack rotation rely on fire elemental spells, therefore the focus on +20% Crit chance fire elemental spells rather than +10% on all elemental spells.
  • Healing Skills of DP that level up are instant cast, and only Fire Orb has a low casting time speed, therefore the focus on Crit accessories.


abyssal_chain_of_constraint Obtained from Ares Dungeon.

 commitment_ring     Lucky Coins Gambler – Silver Certs

fallen_angel Red Gems – Cupid Dungeon

arcane_shaman  Unkown. Ask Devon for more information.

Sun Comissioner

defense_chain Red Gems – Cupid Dungeon

talos_black_iron_bracelet Red Gems – Cupid Dungeon

pegasus_bandle Red Gems – Cupid Dungeon

demeters_ring_of_earth Quicksand Sword – Dungeon

holy_light_pendant_necklace Coast of Siren Dungeon

fish_scale_necklace Red Gemstone – Cupid Dungeon

Nova Sentinel / Comet Marksman

giant_snake_chain Red Gemstones – Cupid Dungeon

crossing_ring_of_time Lucky Coins – Gambler

giant_brave_badge Red Gemstone – Cupid Dungeon

snippers_earring Saphires Affection – Cupid Dungeon

war_envoy Core Cupid Dungeon

Moon Flame Envoy / Galaxy Sage

southern_cross_chain Red Gemstones – Cupid Dungeon

fallen_angel Red Gemstone – Cupid Dungeon

nighttime_earring Red Gemstone – Cupid Dungeon

virgos_ring Lucky Coins – Gambler