Oh my. Pick some songs people! )o)

Okay, so I’m new…ish on here. A little thing about me: I typically make a lot of the custom songs on here, like those ones that are in the song section (also those are Umi’s too) but aside from that I am new hot baby as Lennon likes to say…..anyways there’s some stuff about me…..

Alright so yeah, I will be making some new custom dances, but here is the twist, you guys will be picking the songs!

Woot! So yeah, I will make about 5 new dances so boys and girls pick some songs for me! DO IT NOAW! Also look at me, I got an avatar now! Dayum I’m sexy! <3

And our guild goes full!

Hey there,

The last 3 days we have been going over guild invitations again so we got a new group of new level players to the game 🙂 I hope the now somewhat old wolves help the new cubs around! Please look around on guild who is around the lvl 1x and 2x and give them advice, they’re all new to the game =)

That being said, we ended up getting full (55/55), good job on all who has been doing recruiting and tagging around with me on our team invites. guild_goes_full

We had taken away the slots from two people today in order to get new members: MissLulu and Enjeru, who I haven’t seen around in quite a long time.

If you forgot to send a note on that you would be gone for a while, please let us know. We will be going level 4 soon and that means we will have more free slots again so you can just boat in if you would like.


Media page

Hello my dears!
I’m Mayuki, but you can call me Mayu! I’m the one who did the cute avatars in the Guests and Leaders pages.

Now i’m very glad to show you our new page here in the web site! It is our MEDIA page!
(Poor Lennon LOL)

The MEDIA page is where we will put all the pictures of the funny and cool moments spent in our guild!
Please! Go there and take a look!
Kisses and see you next time! <3


Dungeon Raids

Hey everyone,

From today and onwards we should be doing dungeon raids when we see enough people around who are interested.

We will be forming teams on level 30 to 39 and from level 40 to 49. This is to ensure that drop chance from mobs remains good enough for all involved.

Reason while we doing this on lower levels is well, first and foremost to have fun and do something as a guild. Second, for those who did not notice yet our guild has a countdown running (press O and go to the Guild Tab), just above the Leave and Disband button:



In order to keep the countdown from hit 0, therefore meaning the guild dying, we need to use guild stones. There are two kinds, the 1 day and the 3 day. Both are in game itens, the first one can be acquired from any dungeon, and the second one for 120k on an NPC at town (which is pretty expensive): stones_1day stones_3d

The second group (40 to 49) will also be after 6th elements, a material needed to craft lvl 50 gear.

If you want a gist of where it mostly changes, here are two videos of the guild dungeon raid we made today. Do notice I was a black sheep on the group on level range, but it was more for instructional purposes.

Friends of the Tea Party

Hey guys, we added another new tab to the website! We now have a guests page on our site!! We are adding it to the website because  1) it is a good way for our guild members to get to know other guild’s members and some who aren’t in guilds, and 2) so that we have a list of people who might want to team up with us from outside our guild. Information that will be added to the page will be some basic stuff like class and crafting. Make sure to check out our honored guests sometime!

Tea Party is ready to roll to Lvl 4!

Thanks to all of you, we are already ready to roll to Lvl 4 after another guild dungeon! It took less than 2 days! Most of the glory however goes to our new leader Kyne:

15 copy

Who has been assigned on the guild quests task and general team managements just today! =) He got amazingly 99 dedication points in a day and pushed the guild merit all day way up to 2800 points ~

We will be rolling a guild dungeon raid again soon, stay sharp and keep up the good work!



Tea Party is now Lvl 3!

Hey there folks,
Guild is now lvl 3! Thanks for all who helped doing guild quests and participating on the guild dungeon. We can now invite up to 55 members =)

Here is the video of the guild dungeon, it only contain the initial part of it because we got lost given someone didn`t read the guild quest (haha my bad!) and because I ran out of HD space OTL. Anyways! Enough to get a gist of it =) Enjoy ~

Site Updates!

Hey guys this is Noah and I’m here just to give a brief update about the site.

As you guys might have noticed, the site went through some serious updating and now we’re not only sporting posts, songs, and a page about the leaders, we also got a calendar with the upcoming events and a brand new poll system.

I’ll be heading back into the server to smash some bugs out . *-*

Oh yeah, another thing is that I’ll be starting a series of events on the Sundays. Be sure to join in for some extra fun~

See y’all later ^^/


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