New section for the Story page: Website Story

Hey there folks,

Given our website was one of a kind piece of work back there when we were trying to decide what would be the most fitting theme for our guild mood, and given most of the compliments we have gotten were about it, we created a new section called Website Story in the Story menu.

By the end of the page you can now see a Website Story section full of screenshots over the various part we took in consideration and see how the website evolved.

You will most likely find this boring unless you are into Design or is a perfeciocinist like myself and Mayuki haha ~


Guild is ready to go level 5!

Thanks to everyone who joined me today on a rush to level 5 party yesterday, we are ready to roll to level 5!


A few others also helped along the day, you can check by their dedication points =)


With that being done, we will be doing the guild dungeon soon (needless to say, just in time given we are already on 70/75). You need to be 40+ for the game to allow you to join).

On a side note, dungeon runs have been happening most days and invitation has been ocurring on guild chat. We have just started to make level 50 dungeon runs as well for 6th elements.


Teachers Wanted!

Hello TeaPartiers!


I’ve added a new poll for members level 36 and over.   With all these new members, we’d like to designate a committee of tutors, “teachers,” to answer questions and help oversee the leveling of beginners on Lucent Heart.  The simple poll is on the right side of the home page.  Please answer before Monday if possible!


Thank you.

From the Dungeon Managment

Hello, everyone!~

This is Esco, to bring you a small bit of news. I am now in charge of the DGN management, do if you have questions or you want to run a DGN for or with the guild I’m the one you want to talk to. As of now we plan to hopefull get groups to run 2x, 3x and 4x DGNs in hopes of gaining time and money for our beloved guild  and maybe some extra riches for yourselves!

Tea Party is now Lvl 4!


Thanks to all who participated on making our guild level 4 =) Now we can recruit up to 75 members ~ We will be working on events to push to lvl 5 soon, given the amount of dedication points is way higher (13800) in comparison to level 4 (4800) ~ More news on this soon!

Commendations and Restricted Content

We have a new page named Commendations which is visible only to leaders who have registered on the website (as it is this post).

It may be seem as silly now, but I thought it would be nice to have a small room with the compliments I ended up getting out of the group work of this bunch.

If you happen to get any and want to send me let me know, but I am mostly collecting them alone ~

~ I Got The Music In Me ~

Hey, everybody! Alixa here~ I know I don’t talk much in guild chat but I wanted to be the one to tell you guys about this project I’ve been working on for Master Lemon.

The other day he asked if I could think of a song that would kind of fit the feel of the guild, and despite the fact that that is a ridiculously difficult thing to do, I said I’d try. Fifteen minutes and a binder full of music later I decided that Dearly Beloved from Kingdom Hearts is a beautiful song and captures the sometimes serene, sometimes crazy, and all-together safe feelings that being a part of the guild gives me, and since I have an incredible arrangement for it (Kyle Landry is a genius. Check out some of his magic), I told Len I’d record it for him.

So now – a few days, a final playing test in piano class, and several failed recordings later – our guild song should be available for everyone to hear. If you guys have any suggestions on a song that you think matches the feel of the guild – well first of all, good on you, because finding something that fits is terribly hard to do. And second of all, tell me about it! Maybe it will be featured on the website as well ^-*

There is now a permanent salmon Play button on the right top corner on every page, you will have to click play to listen ~

I hope you all enjoy it! Happy listening~!

T3T Getting To Know Guild Quests T3T

Hey guys I’m Kyne, I am the leader in charge of the guild quests in Tea Party :3 I will be forming teams around for doing guild quests, which helps the guilds level up and therefore increases the amount of people we can have! (We are now at 55 and soon moving to 65 or more but we can keep expanding!).

I know, some of you might be like WTF is Guild Quests, well here how it goes:

In each town there is an NPC named “Guild Warehouse Administration”. After becoming lv 10 your first Guild Quest will be available, then at lv 20 and so goes on every 5 lvs after.


I know you will all have alot of fun if we were doing the same quest 😀 and on the plus side we help our guild out in the long run grow! 😛  This also earns you recognition (notice the dedication column on the guild tab when you press O, the number goes high as you help the guild and stays there).

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