And the Maestro continues!

Hey there folks,

It’s been quite a bit of time since an update to our visitors, apologizes for that ~

We’ve got new stuff in the shelf and we’ve been busy working on it! Following posts will go over them in a bit more depth ^^

It’s been a bit of a while since we’ve done a social gathering in Thereall but when we do its always a tea party!

It’s good to see all your social sides shining again o7

Guides Section

The guild now has a new section called “Guides”. I will be mostly putting there what I’ve been learning while reaching out to answer guild members questions.

Needless to say, a recurring one is what to buy for gear. Thats the purpose of the new guide.

For the time being they will be open for all but may wind up locked for members.


Guild Crafters

The guild now has official crafters, so feel free to look for them in case you need something crafted. We’ve been on the look for important gear recipes, materials and etc from other players. Those we can’t find around have been or are being farmed. The official crafters are:

  • Lennon: Alchemist
  • SaphireSkies: Card Designer
  • PrincessAsa: Tailor
  • Asa: Blacksmith
  • Honest: Jeweler

As you can tell, we are still missing a dedicated machine, but given most machine skills are constrained by the crafting class we are not too worried about that at this point.

If you want to contribute to the guild, please ask Lennon or any of the others if any recipe you want to donate is needed. By having them donated you will be making the crafting of the recipe you donated available to the guild, rather than only for yourself if you learned it for most of the time given most officers share account among themselves.



Hey everyone,

It’s been a bit of time since the last update. Here’s whats going on around the guild:

  • The guild has obtained a dedicated seller (ign is TeaParty). TeaParty has a Seller and Backpack Expansion, plus ExpressDelivery (can get you any item on her to your gwh). TeaParty will be a dedicated client shared among the officers to keep sales running all time while you can play, so let us know if you want to sell anything.
  • The gwh now has a influx of gold, matts, cards, lucky coins, etc from the dungeon teams that Lennon has been running around. We already started using the guild funds to obtain weaponry for the guild. More on this on a separate post.
  • SaphireSkies will be now our official Card Designer. We also got pretty much all craft classes covered, the most important and used on gear wise, the blacksmith, on an alt character to stay available to everyone most of the time.
  • We are looking for designers for the website given our former retired. Please let me know if you know anyone else =)

Thats all ~

Guest Page Revise

Hey guys, Saph here! Just a minor update on the guest page.

We no longer have the person who made all the cool looking images in our guild, and we had some new guests to add, so we redid all the images on that page.

Be sure to look and see who our new guests are! ^^

New Maestros!

Hey folks,

We’ve got about more 11 songs or so on the Songs menu and two new maestros: RapidRukito (Pantsu Guild) and Keythes (Vice Master of LucentSteps).

The Songs page has been updated so that everyone can now see the in game name (ign) of the Maestros of this guild in case they want to dance the song.  Explanation how to add songs has also been added.

Lastly, few maestros will now be posting updates on their own, guild member or not!

Thats all!


Guild Crafting

Hiya, it’s Asa here,

I just wanted to take some time to let all of you know that I am collecting recipes of all types for the guild. So far we have acquired many recipes including the Sword of Quicksand and several others. We do however, have a few recipes that we have been unable to locate. So, if you run across any of the items below please let me know.

– Bishop Card
– Giant Sword of Overtaking (2H Sword)
– Sword of Overtaking (1H Sword)
– Overtaking Sheild
– Verdict Scepter
– Sword of Justice

I will update soon with a full list of recipes that we have already obtained. Until then, if you have a recipe that you would like to donate to the guild, please let either Lennon or I know.



New domain!

Hey guys this is Noah and I’m here just to give another update on the changes on the site.

As you might have noticed, today we changed our guild’s website address to

Now we have a shorter and more accessible website. ^^

Stay tunned for some even cooler features coming up!


See y’all later ^^/


First Guild Lvl 50 Guild Dungeon

A small group of the Tea Party has hit lvl 45+ so we are now running lvl 50 dungeons as well (and I finally had some luck with those red cores on mobs )o) go away witches!)

~ The run drops are all on guild warehouse in case you are curious.

We will start farming 6th elements and other stuff from now on along of course the guild stones!

Here are two videos from the run, one from a chest mob and another from the boss by the end of the dungeon. Don’t forget the guild event on dungeons and guild quest is permanent! (See if you have no idea what I am talking about! XD)

Enjoy~ !

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