New Vimeo Channel: Houses

We have a new channel, Tea House, which we will be featuring players house. House system is something that has not be given much of attention on players in LH and we thought it would be interesting to feature those players who gave some love to theirs. It’s quite fun hanging around on the featured houses ūüôā

The channel just started, so please let me know if you know anyone with an interesting house to be featured ~

We are now fully on vimeo!

Hey there folks,

Thanks to:

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We now have a vimeo Pro account. That means we now have all our videos on HD and can get them uploaded as such shortly after the recording!

Our official vimeo page is located at:

You may also filter the content on the 3 channels that have been created. They’re basically easy urls for you to find one of the current 3 kinds of social events we promote. Videos information can only be found on this website thou =) Thanks Asa for working on our banners for the channel too!

Tea Attack:

Screenshot 2014-05-28 04.40.13

Tea Raid:

Screenshot 2014-05-28 04.40.48

Tea Maestro:

Screenshot 2014-05-28 04.41.02

See you in game!

Tea Maestro: Featuring Atrushan

Hey there everyone,

We will be having a new kind of social event which for the time being we will go by the name of Tea Maestro )o)

The main purpose is to go out and find those dance lords that created cool dance moves for cool songs and feature them ~ Most if not all Tea Attacks its usually made by guild mates, while Maestro will try and reach out for members of other guilds for bigger and more organized dance parties! ~

Our first guest of the Tea Maestro is Atrushan, with the song Bad Apple ~ which can now also be found on our Songs menu to listen and download. Make sure that if you get the song name as “Atrushan Custom 1” rather than “Atrushan-Custom-1” in case you intend to dance it in game.

Hope you enjoy =)

First Guild Lvl 50 Guild Dungeon

A small group of the Tea Party has hit lvl 45+ so we are now running lvl 50 dungeons as well (and I finally had some luck with those red cores on mobs )o) go away witches!)

~ The run drops are all on guild warehouse in case you are curious.

We will start farming 6th elements and other stuff from now on along of course the guild stones!

Here are two videos from the run, one from a chest mob and another from the boss by the end of the dungeon. Don’t forget the guild event on dungeons and guild quest is permanent! (See if you have no idea what I am talking about! XD)

Enjoy~ !

Suba Games Post/ T Party Dance

The videos of our latest dance attacks are up on our new vimeo account¬†now! The first song that we¬†danced to is our guild’s theme song recorded by Alixa, and choreographed by Morrigan.

Morrigan Alixa

We had a big group this time, and we even got some non-tea members to join in ^^

The second song is another of Morri’s, “Happy Synthesizer”, which can be found in the Song’s menu.

Tea Attacks happen fairly often, so make sure you join in on the fun in the next one! We also put the theme song on a subagames forum, as well as some guild information:

Take a look at it sometime. It explains some things about our guild, and what we do.

Tea Party Attack: Featuring NightSora

Our 4th victim has been chosen and we finally got someone passing by that is not from Eternal Palace )o)! This time we are featuring NightSora from Delicious. We are also rolling one of our song queen songs:

Ariana Grande ‚Äď Problem (Lyric Video) ft. Iggy Azalea

Which can also be found on the Songs menu to listen / download.

The video can be found both on our youtube and vimeo channel. Given vimeo only allows for the low quality version to be displayed on other pages, here is the youtube one:

Thanks to all who joined us! ~

Third Tea Attack: Featuring Erisumi

Our new victim this time was Erisumi ~ Who just randomly came to us ~ Sadly our dance queen Morr was not around to roll a custom song, but at least we got a chance to roll regardless! On a side note it came to my attention that all the victims are from Eternal Palace, maybe we should feature their leader soon? ūüėģ

Thanks for all who joined ~ And here is some extra randomness ~


Dungeon Raids

Hey everyone,

From today and onwards we should be doing dungeon raids when we see enough people around who are interested.

We will be forming teams on level 30 to 39 and from level 40 to 49. This is to ensure that drop chance from mobs remains good enough for all involved.

Reason while we doing this on lower levels is well, first and foremost to have fun and do something as a guild. Second, for those who did not notice yet our guild has a countdown running (press O and go to the Guild Tab), just above the Leave and Disband button:



In order to keep the countdown from hit 0, therefore meaning the guild dying, we need to use guild stones. There are two kinds, the 1 day and the 3 day. Both are in game itens, the first one can be acquired from any dungeon, and the second one for 120k on an NPC at town (which is pretty expensive): stones_1day stones_3d

The second group (40 to 49) will also be after 6th elements, a material needed to craft lvl 50 gear.

If you want a gist of where it mostly changes, here are two videos of the guild dungeon raid we made today. Do notice I was a black sheep on the group on level range, but it was more for instructional purposes.

Second Tea Party Attack!

Hey there,

And our second victim has been chosen! This time we are featuring Katsura from the Eternal Palace guild! This time we are featuring one of our Song queen songs Morrigan  as well!  I had a few issues with my video recorder so it is not complete, but you can find the full song to listen and download on the Song menu just on the top of the website! Sadly Vimeo will only update the high definition version once a week, so it will take some time until it looks fine! Apologizes for that =( Please bug me in game if you want the full quality version, its around 120 MB.

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