New Songs 06/01/14

Hey everybody!! ­čÖé Check out my new songs if you wish to download them.

The songs are as follows:

-Crossing Field – Lisa

– Im In Heaven When You Kiss Me – This Ugly Yet Beautiful World

– Infected Mushroom – Pretender

– Miku Hatsune – Secret Police.mp3 *


If you download my songs and they don’t appear to have the same exact name, ┬ácopy and paste these file names when renaming each song


*Note: it may say .mp3 twice – do NOT change this, it was my error when downloading the song and I forgot to change it DX

We are now fully on vimeo!

Hey there folks,

Thanks to:

11 copy

We now have a vimeo Pro account. That means we now have all our videos on HD and can get them uploaded as such shortly after the recording!

Our official vimeo page is located at:

You may also filter the content on the 3 channels that have been created. They’re basically easy urls for you to find one of the current 3 kinds of social events we promote. Videos information can only be found on this website thou =) Thanks Asa for working on our banners for the channel too!

Tea Attack:

Screenshot 2014-05-28 04.40.13

Tea Raid:

Screenshot 2014-05-28 04.40.48

Tea Maestro:

Screenshot 2014-05-28 04.41.02

See you in game!

Tea Maestro: Featuring Atrushan

Hey there everyone,

We will be having a new kind of social event which for the time being we will go by the name of Tea Maestro )o)

The main purpose is to go out and find those dance lords that created cool dance moves for cool songs and feature them ~ Most if not all Tea Attacks its usually made by guild mates, while Maestro will try and reach out for members of other guilds for bigger and more organized dance parties! ~

Our first guest of the Tea Maestro is Atrushan, with the song Bad Apple ~ which can now also be found on our Songs menu to listen and download. Make sure that if you get the song name as “Atrushan Custom 1” rather than “Atrushan-Custom-1” in case you intend to dance it in game.

Hope you enjoy =)

~ I Got The Music In Me ~

Hey, everybody! Alixa here~ I know I don’t talk much in guild chat but I wanted to be the one to tell you guys about this project I’ve been working on for Master Lemon.

The other day he asked if I could think of a song that would kind of fit the┬áfeel┬áof the guild, and despite the fact that that is a ridiculously difficult thing to do, I said I’d try. Fifteen minutes and a binder full of music later I decided that Dearly Beloved from Kingdom Hearts is a beautiful song and captures the sometimes serene, sometimes crazy, and all-together safe feelings that being a part of the guild gives me, and since I have an incredible arrangement for it (Kyle Landry is a genius. Check out some of his magic), I told Len I’d record it for him.

So now – a few┬ádays, a final playing test in piano class, and several failed recordings later – our guild song should be available for everyone to hear. If you guys have any suggestions on a song that you think matches the┬áfeel┬áof the guild – well first of all, good on you, because finding something that fits is terribly hard┬áto do. And second of all, tell me about it! Maybe it will be featured on the website as well ^-*

There is now a permanent salmon Play button on the right top corner on every page, you will have to click play to listen ~

I hope you all enjoy it! Happy listening~!

Oh my. Pick some songs people! )o)

Okay, so I’m new…ish on here. A little thing about me: I typically make a lot of the custom songs on here, like those ones that are in the song section (also those are Umi’s too) but aside from that I am new hot baby as Lennon likes to say…..anyways there’s some stuff about me…..

Alright so yeah, I will be making some new custom dances, but here is the twist, you guys will be picking the songs!

Woot! So yeah, I will make about 5 new dances so boys and girls pick some songs for me! DO IT NOAW! Also look at me, I got an avatar now! Dayum I’m sexy! <3


The Tea Party now has a great list of customized songs to dance in LH ~ You can play or download them on the Songs menu above. Look for Shurris, Rapid, AngelWolf, TigerKitty, Chihiro, YosieYuki and Zevran. Search for them in game if you want to dance one of those songs ~