And the Maestro continues!

Hey there folks,

It’s been quite a bit of time since an update to our visitors, apologizes for that ~

We’ve got new stuff in the shelf and we’ve been busy working on it! Following posts will go over them in a bit more depth ^^

It’s been a bit of a while since we’ve done a social gathering in Thereall but when we do its always a tea party!

It’s good to see all your social sides shining again o7

First Guild Lvl 50 Guild Dungeon

A small group of the Tea Party has hit lvl 45+ so we are now running lvl 50 dungeons as well (and I finally had some luck with those red cores on mobs )o) go away witches!)

~ The run drops are all on guild warehouse in case you are curious.

We will start farming 6th elements and other stuff from now on along of course the guild stones!

Here are two videos from the run, one from a chest mob and another from the boss by the end of the dungeon. Don’t forget the guild event on dungeons and guild quest is permanent! (See if you have no idea what I am talking about! XD)

Enjoy~ !

Tea Party Attack: Featuring NightSora

Our 4th victim has been chosen and we finally got someone passing by that is not from Eternal Palace )o)! This time we are featuring NightSora from Delicious. We are also rolling one of our song queen songs:

Ariana Grande – Problem (Lyric Video) ft. Iggy Azalea

Which can also be found on the Songs menu to listen / download.

The video can be found both on our youtube and vimeo channel. Given vimeo only allows for the low quality version to be displayed on other pages, here is the youtube one:

Thanks to all who joined us! ~

Permanent Guild Event: Weekly Guild Quests and Dungeons

Hey there folks,

We will be running our first guild event starting now for the upcoming weeks  ~ Purpose of this event is to (1) keep guild alive and running and (2) keeping growing the guild (move it to level 5). The event will run as follows:

You can earn a “Ticket” for (1) helping on guild quests or (2) helping on guild dungeons. You can earn one for guild quests and one for guild dungeons per week, therefore a maximum of 2 per week.


1. How to Earn a Ticket from Guild Dungeon:

In order to get a ticket, you will have to handle one Murky Guild Stone:  mud_stone


This stone can be obtained from boss drop in a dungeon. We have cores available at our guild warehouse in case you need to start a dungeon, look for us when you have a team decided or you can roll yours (they drop from mobs quite often).

You will most likely need a full team around your level, and your dungeon should use a yellow core that says there are 2 levels (bosses can be found on the 2nd level).

It is also important that all members of the team are around the same level (any too high members on low level dungeons make all team get no drops!).

Lastly, the minimum level for a player to join a dungeon is based off the core level by a range of 5. E.g. if the core level is 35, minimum level allowed to enter is 30.

Once the boss drop one of those stones, you can trade me the stone and the whole team will earn a ticket. Unless any problem arise, this will suffice to earn you a ticket.

In case you are forgotten upon the trading me the stone, the only way for me to be fair is by seeing a screenshot with the murky stone being linked to the person who traded me, so make sure you take one just in case.

A new stone will earn the team a ticket every Saturday Midnight EST (server time).

2. How to Earn a Ticket from Guild Quests:

To help on guild quests, you need to meet the following quota on dedication points.

This event will keep running until stated otherwise, given guild can still level up and need we need these stones being used permanently to keep guild running. They can be done solo, but you will do them much faster in teams.

For this week the quota is as follows:

  • Lvl 10-20: 15 Dedication Points
  • Lvl 21-30: 25 Dedication Points
  • Lvl 31-40: 50 Dedication Points

As of now, all members dedication have been tracked. You can start now your guild quests! I will re-track them again next week by Saturday, midnight EST (server time). You will need to tell me you are participating on a given week or I will not verify your name to award you a ticket on this.



We will be using the tickets to run raffles. The more you have, the higher your chances to win the prize. The prize will be as follows:

  • 3 Weekly Raffles (one for each level range), each raffle containing  50 Hp Potions, 50 Mp Potions associated to that level range.
  • 10 Raffles Monthly: Free Transportation Scroll

Your tickets are cumulative. So in case you don’t win on one week, you will have a higher chance to win the next week, so long you keep collecting them. If you win the raffle, your tickets will be reseted to 0 for the associated prize. So, if during the month you win a weekly prize, we will reset it for the next weekly prizes, but keep counting them for the montly prize until you win and it is reseted again. In other words, if you win one type of prize it won’t affect the other.

Everyone in the guild, including leaders will be participating other than myself. Don’t forget that helping on those, even if not for the prizes, you are helping the guild stay alive and growing. So thanks for your help! =)

Have fun! ~



Teachers Wanted!

Hello TeaPartiers!


I’ve added a new poll for members level 36 and over.   With all these new members, we’d like to designate a committee of tutors, “teachers,” to answer questions and help oversee the leveling of beginners on Lucent Heart.  The simple poll is on the right side of the home page.  Please answer before Monday if possible!


Thank you.

From the Dungeon Managment

Hello, everyone!~

This is Esco, to bring you a small bit of news. I am now in charge of the DGN management, do if you have questions or you want to run a DGN for or with the guild I’m the one you want to talk to. As of now we plan to hopefull get groups to run 2x, 3x and 4x DGNs in hopes of gaining time and money for our beloved guild  and maybe some extra riches for yourselves!

T3T Getting To Know Guild Quests T3T

Hey guys I’m Kyne, I am the leader in charge of the guild quests in Tea Party :3 I will be forming teams around for doing guild quests, which helps the guilds level up and therefore increases the amount of people we can have! (We are now at 55 and soon moving to 65 or more but we can keep expanding!).

I know, some of you might be like WTF is Guild Quests, well here how it goes:

In each town there is an NPC named “Guild Warehouse Administration”. After becoming lv 10 your first Guild Quest will be available, then at lv 20 and so goes on every 5 lvs after.


I know you will all have alot of fun if we were doing the same quest 😀 and on the plus side we help our guild out in the long run grow! 😛  This also earns you recognition (notice the dedication column on the guild tab when you press O, the number goes high as you help the guild and stays there).

Important New Poll Added!

Hello everyone!  Please take the time to answer the new poll “Which day is most convenient for events” as soon as possible.  Just in case you have multiple days that are open, you may select multiple answers!  Also, please spread the word so that everyone gets a chance to vote.
Just scroll down on the main page and it’ll be there!  Thank you.

Second Tea Party Attack!

Hey there,

And our second victim has been chosen! This time we are featuring Katsura from the Eternal Palace guild! This time we are featuring one of our Song queen songs Morrigan  as well!  I had a few issues with my video recorder so it is not complete, but you can find the full song to listen and download on the Song menu just on the top of the website! Sadly Vimeo will only update the high definition version once a week, so it will take some time until it looks fine! Apologizes for that =( Please bug me in game if you want the full quality version, its around 120 MB.

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