Back online~

So this evil admin here had to do some late spring clean up (don’t judge me) on the servers and take down everything.

The site is back tho.
It should be a tad more stable than the old version, although updating old WordPress pages is as always a bit finicky.
If you run into any issues let me know by dropping a comment here or nagging Len.

Preferably do the former. Troubling Len is fun~


Time to head back to

New domain!

Hey guys this is Noah and I’m here just to give another update on the changes on the site.

As you might have noticed, today we changed our guild’s website address to

Now we have a shorter and more accessible website. ^^

Stay tunned for some even cooler features coming up!


See y’all later ^^/


Site Updates!

Hey guys this is Noah and I’m here just to give a brief update about the site.

As you guys might have noticed, the site went through some serious updating and now we’re not only sporting posts, songs, and a page about the leaders, we also got a calendar with the upcoming events and a brand new poll system.

I’ll be heading back into the server to smash some bugs out . *-*

Oh yeah, another thing is that I’ll be starting a series of events on the Sundays. Be sure to join in for some extra fun~

See y’all later ^^/