Tea Party is ready to roll to Lvl 4!

Thanks to all of you, we are already ready to roll to Lvl 4 after another guild dungeon! It took less than 2 days! Most of the glory however goes to our new leader Kyne:

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Who has been assigned on the guild quests task and general team managements just today! =) He got amazingly 99 dedication points in a day and pushed the guild merit all day way up to 2800 points ~

We will be rolling a guild dungeon raid again soon, stay sharp and keep up the good work!



Second Tea Party Attack!

Hey there,

And our second victim has been chosen! This time we are featuring Katsura from the Eternal Palace guild! This time we are featuring one of our Song queen songs Morrigan  as well!  I had a few issues with my video recorder so it is not complete, but you can find the full song to listen and download on the Song menu just on the top of the website! Sadly Vimeo will only update the high definition version once a week, so it will take some time until it looks fine! Apologizes for that =( Please bug me in game if you want the full quality version, its around 120 MB.

Tea Party is now Lvl 3!

Hey there folks,
Guild is now lvl 3! Thanks for all who helped doing guild quests and participating on the guild dungeon. We can now invite up to 55 members =)

Here is the video of the guild dungeon, it only contain the initial part of it because we got lost given someone didn`t read the guild quest (haha my bad!) and because I ran out of HD space OTL. Anyways! Enough to get a gist of it =) Enjoy ~


The Tea Party now has a great list of customized songs to dance in LH ~ You can play or download them on the Songs menu above. Look for Shurris, Rapid, AngelWolf, TigerKitty, Chihiro, YosieYuki and Zevran. Search for them in game if you want to dance one of those songs ~

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