Guest Page Revise

Hey guys, Saph here! Just a minor update on the guest page.

We no longer have the person who made all the cool looking images in our guild, and we had some new guests to add, so we redid all the images on that page.

Be sure to look and see who our new guests are! ^^

Suba Games Post/ T Party Dance

The videos of our latest dance attacks are up on our new vimeo account now! The first song that we danced to is our guild’s theme song recorded by Alixa, and choreographed by Morrigan.

Morrigan Alixa

We had a big group this time, and we even got some non-tea members to join in ^^

The second song is another of Morri’s, “Happy Synthesizer”, which can be found in the Song’s menu.

Tea Attacks happen fairly often, so make sure you join in on the fun in the next one! We also put the theme song on a subagames forum, as well as some guild information:

Take a look at it sometime. It explains some things about our guild, and what we do.

Friends of the Tea Party

Hey guys, we added another new tab to the website! We now have a guests page on our site!! We are adding it to the website because  1) it is a good way for our guild members to get to know other guild’s members and some who aren’t in guilds, and 2) so that we have a list of people who might want to team up with us from outside our guild. Information that will be added to the page will be some basic stuff like class and crafting. Make sure to check out our honored guests sometime!